SoulBreak Export



Soulbreak Export is a project for exporting your SoulBreaks (and Legend Materia!) from Final Fantasy Record Keeper!

Pairs well with Soul Break Search!


This site is a small side project for me. This site uses a Web Proxy to intercept FFRK Game data and export some of that data for you the user. You may be required (if on iOS) to accept a Certificate to use this site. Always be cautious of accepting untrusted 3rd party certificates. When connected to the proxy ALL of your web data goes through the server. While none but the FFRK data is visible to the site administration by design, if you do not trust this site, do not connect to the proxy. Read the User Agreement for more.



This site makes use of your FFRK accounts User ID number (UID) to identify you. You are required to provide it to verify your identity and download your exported data.

For JP Players, your ID Can be found on the game loading screen under the START Button.
For GL players, you can obtain your UID in game by going to the Menu at the top of the home screen
Selecting Support at the bottom
Selecting Other Support
This will open an email that will contain your UID.

Accept the User Agreement and enter your UID to continue

User Agreement